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Rental Deaerators

Power Mechanical stocks a large inventory of mobile deaerator plants for temporary emergency rental and planned outages.

Rental deaerators in stock and ready to ship.

Features & Benefits

  • Outdoor rated skid or fully enclosed
  • Can be paired with rental boilers
  • On-board water treatment
  • Heated, lighted, pre-wired & pre-piped
  • Exterior connections for fast & easy installation
  • Modulating make-up & boiler feed control

Industries Served

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Universities
  • Utility companies


30,000 PPH rental deaerator trailer

30,000 Lb/Hr Rental Deaerator

Fully enclosed
heated & lighted
High or low pressure operation
75,000 PPH rental deaerator trailer

75,000 Lb/Hr Rental Deaerator

Fully enclosed
heated & lighted
High pressure operation
150,000 PPH rental deaerator trailer

150,000 Lb/Hr Rental Deaerator

Outdoor rated skid
High pressure operation
Rental surge tank

Rental Surge Tanks

Outdoor rated skid
High or low pressure operation
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